Los Alcazares, Murcia, Spain

Pool rules

Owners and any other persons using the facilities of the Community are legally obliged to adhere to a Code of Conduct and the Community Rules. They have been put in place for the respect and safety for all users of the pool and surrounding area:


Do not ignore the instruction of the pool guard

Do not jump in the pool

Do not take glass around the pool

Do not play ball games anywhere on the complex

Do not use a lilo in the pool

Always shower before entering the pool

Do not use the pool if you have a contagious illness

Long hair should be tied back to prevent the clogging of filters

Community rules

The Pool Rules are clearly shown on the Notice Board facing the pool. Please take time to familiarise yourself with them. Any request made by the pool guard relating to behaviour around the pool area must be obeyed. The pools are open from 8am to 10pm

Under no circumstances should any glass or crockery be taken into the pool or around the pool or grassed areas for obvious safety reasons

All personal belongings should be removed from the pool area each evening including any litter. Please do not leave any cigarette stubs lying around

Sun umbrellas should only be put into the sunken umbrella stands in the grassed areas

Towels or any other items should not be hung over any exterior walls, railings or gates

Noise levels should be kept to a minimum after midnight. Occupants in the apartment block should be aware that shoes other than with rubber soles makes noises that can be heard several apartments away which can cause a nuisance

Excessive rowdy behaviour in the community area or in or around the pool after midnight will not be tolerated and serious action will be taken (police will be called)

All exterior gates must be kept shut

Please store bikes appropriately with a secure lock. They are left at owner’s risk

Every occupant should take responsibility for the safety of their belongings and not leave exterior doors open should they be around the pool or on the solarium

Any complaints or suggestions should be put into a Suggestion Box, located inside the apartment entrance or on the wall just inside the car park entrance

For their own safety, please SUPERVISE children in your care and DO NOT leave them unattended around the Complex